A history of the technological advancement and the benefits of internet for education

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A history of the technological advancement and the benefits of internet for education

That is, technology has both advantages and disadvantages. I agree that technology has both its advantages and disadvantages but because I think that the benefits outweigh the consequences, I am a techno-optimist.

I feel that technology is a great way to start or raise awareness about an issue; however, it is not the place to take action about an issue. Humans cannot completely depend on technology to fix problems because technology can only do so much and go so far.

In one of my sociology classes, I realized that social networking sites, such as facebook, are beneficial in that they can help raise awareness about an issue.

They can do little more than raise awareness, however.


For example, in the past, women have posted their bra colors as their facebook status to raise awareness about breast cancer. One friend may see this status, post it for his five hundred friends to see and this pattern continues. More and more people will be informed about breast cancer, but there is no actual money going towards finding a cure just through facebook.

People on facebook may see this status and then decide to donate money. Thus, facebook is a great way to raise awareness, but it is not enough to actually fix the problem at hand. Thus, the reports illustrates that technologies, specifically facebook, are much more beneficial to society for raising awareness verses taking action other than raising awareness.

This idea that social networking is a good starting place pertains to friendships as well. Facebook is a great way to contact with people and ask to hang out with them, but it is not a great way to form deep, meaningful friendships.

Face-to-face interactions have a personal aspect to them that social networking sites cannot compete with.

A history of the technological advancement and the benefits of internet for education

They are selling themselves as really interesting people, even when there is no product to be sold. These friendships are not genuine because the individual is making himself into someone he is not.

Again, facebook can be used to start a friendship but it should not be used to deepen a friendship. Mei also touched on how social networking sites are going to increase in popularity and some people may be better at using it appropriately than others. Social networking sites are only going to become bigger and bigger, and those who use it appropriately will benefit while those who abuse technology and implement it into every single aspect of their lives will not benefit from social networking sites.

This article also posed a question about the environment. It asked whether or not humans can depend completely on technology to solve the climate crisis or if humans should change their behavior.

I believe that technology can help the environment but the main way to reduce environmental problems is through human behavior.

Technological Advancements and Its Impact on Humanity | Pratik Butte Patil - leslutinsduphoenix.com

Hybrid cars are the perfect example of technology helping the environment because they reduce the amount of gasoline. Technology, such as hybrids, however, can be used as an aid in helping humans reduce global warming, pollution, etc.

Again, technology is a useful place to start in helping the environment, but it is not good to depend on technology for solving the all of the environmental problems in the world. In summary, I am a techno-optimist because I think that technologies benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

As discussed above, it allows people to contact each other, raise awareness and help reduce environmental problems. It can only benefit society, however, as long as the majority of people make the effort and understand that technology cannot be used to replace human action and face-to-face interactions.

Furthermore, people should not fear this technology and allow it to take control of their lives. Machines have a power switch that humans can turn off immediately and humans need to realize this before they think technology is smarter than humans. Marshall McLuhan, author of Understanding Media, discusses the idea of a global village in which the world is interconnected by technology rather than being separated and isolated by technology.

He says that to create this global village, every single human has to want to utilize and improve technology for the good of society.

I agree with McLuhan, as humans have to put in the effort to get the benefits of technology rather than being afraid of technology and letting it overcome humanity. In short, technology is a great starting place for humans to start solving their problems, but it is not a way to solve problems completely.

The only way to solve problems completely is through human effort and action.About their benefits read in the artical below. Benefits of Technological Advancements.

Home Blog Needless to say that technological advancement has a positive influence on all aspects of society and individual life, invigorating economic prosperity and promoting the quality of life of the whole population in the world.

Allan Cronshaw was a recent speaker at The Conference For Consciousness And Human Evolution in London (see SPEAKERS) Allan is an acknowledged Scholar, . History Of Cellphone Technology Content Provided By: Kara Cullen.

According the U.N. Telecommunications agency, subscriptions to mobile phone service reached billion and expected to increase to 5 billion in The convenience cellphones offer is beyond compare and many people have opted to cancel landline phones and replace them with cellphones.

A copy of the National Institute for Justice commissioned exploration of police, law enforcement and public safety technology. Technological Advancement In Education Education Essay.

History Of Cellphone Technology

The use of internet in education made a great impact on the educators and students on the whole education system. Internet itself has unlocked a world of opportunities for students. it will be better idea to provide technological education to our children in future.

Place your. The Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before. The invention of the telegraph, telephone, radio, and computer set the stage for this unprecedented integration of capabilities.

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