Alvaro harvard thesis uribe

And by the end of his first term in office the AUC had other right-wing militias agreed to disarm and go to jail under special sentences of seven years.

Alvaro harvard thesis uribe

Alvaro harvard thesis uribe

Lower Member Rehabilitation Device Development, Integrated to a Perambulator Abstract Through this research work, the development of a lower member assisting device integrated to a virtual reality environment is proposed.

Research done in the robotic assisting motion area and virtual reality in rehabilitation have led to the development of related hardware and software, resulting in the development of highly social impact solutions in therapy processes.

This thesis proposes an assisting lower member device for reproducing and encouraging movement while interacting with a virtual environment.

Doctorate Thesis - alvaro joffre uribe

This work is focused on the study of the group of technologies that allow the development of the proposed solution for its application in assisting motion while offering a secure and monitored environment for the user.

The followed methodology for developing the proposed system is based on the lower member biomechanics analysis through its anthropometric relations for solving the kinematics problem along with the motion generation.

These analyses allow defining a suitable mechatronics design for assisting the lower member motions. For completing the design process, the mechanism and its actuators where chosen by solving the dynamic model of the device using rotations and torques based on normal gait and rehabilitation motion patterns.

For the perambulator development, two different 3D user interfaces were used, one using accelerometers for collecting the user data, and the other one using depth maps.

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The acquired information allows the user to interact with the virtual environment through its lower member motions thus, encouraging him to execute sequences while navigating the virtual world.To make sense of these developments and what they mean for the country’s future, the Gazette sat down with political anthropologist Jennifer Schirmer, visiting scholar at the Religions and the Practice of Peace Initiative at Harvard Divinity School (HDS).

Schirmer spent 14 . 2) In , Álvaro Uribe Vélez, then Senator, was in the United States in an academic program at Harvard University, while the Constitutional Assembly was in session, during which period the .

Alvaro harvard thesis uribe

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Uribe studied law. Álvaro Uribe focused his political career and became a member of the center-left Colombian Liberal Party. In he attended Harvard University, receiving a Certificate of Special Studies in Administration and Management at Harvard Extension School and Certificate in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution at Harvard Law leslutinsduphoenix.comed by: Andrés Pastrana Arango.

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