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Ayurveda Colgate to piggyback on ayurveda for global innovation Like many large consumer goods companies including Unilever, Colgate had struggled with sluggish volume growth and shifting consumer taste towards natural or herbal brands.

Colgate india

The history of toothpaste industry in India can be traced back Colgate india the year Now, the awareness regarding oral hygiene in the Indian society has increased and thus many companies have come up with their brands of toothpaste.

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The first toothpaste to enter the Indian market was Colgate. In recent years the Industry has shown impressive growth rate of Both the Gel and Cream segment of toothpaste industry are growing at a fast pace.

Colgate india

The growth is particularly prominent in the urban areas. In Urban India, the usage of toothpaste per person per year is more than gms. Here is a list of the most popular toothpaste brands in India.

Colgate india

Pepsodent Pepsodent is the most popular brand of toothpaste in India. Its minty flavour derived from Sassafras gives a fresh breathe and a cool toothbrushing experience.

Pepsodent was launched in in India and since then the brand has raised the benchmark on Oral Care solutions in India. The brand is owned by Unilever. Pepsodent has a range of toothpastes and toothbrushes that could take care of specific oral care needs.

Pepsodent toothpaste fights germs to protect teeth against cavities and gives strong teeth, fresh breath and healthy gums. Pepsodent as an oral care expert offers solution to specific problems like bleeding gums and sensitive teeth. It is one of the first brands targeting youth in the oral care market globally, with an edgy and youthful image which stays relevant till date.

Close Up is the First toothpaste in US to combine mouthwash and toothpaste in one formula and also, it is the First gel toothpaste in the world.

Close-up is still symbolized by attractive white smiles in very close situations. It is a registered trademark of GlaxoSmithKline.

Used everyday, Sensodyne relieves sensitive teeth by blocking the pain caused by hot, cold, sweet, acidic and other contact triggers and helps to keep it from coming back.

Sensodyne is the number 1 desensitizing toothpaste, has been relieving the pain of sensitive teeth for over 40 years. It Contains an active ingredient, Potassium Nitrate, that is clinically proven to reduce painful sensitivity.

Aquafresh Aquafresh is a brand of toothpaste that has been on sale since It is manufactured by consumer healthcare product maker GlaxoSmithKline. One of its distinguishing features is its striped pattern; currently the stripes are red, white, and blue, although initially there were only blue and white stripes.

Anchor Anchor toothpaste is a leading brand of toothpaste in India.

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It helps fight against germs and keeps teeth healthy and shiney white with strong gums and fresh breathe. Anchor Health and Beauty Care was founded inand today it is one of the fastest growing companies in its domain.

Anchor is a respected and established oral care brand in India. Anchor toothpastes contain ingredients necessary for everyday protection against germs and bacteria.

Apart from toothpastes, Anchor toothbrushes and toothpowder are also available. Dabur Red Dabur Red Tooth Paste is a fine blend of herbs that eliminates many dental problems like gum disorders, toothache etc. Natural ingredients like Clove and Mint gives a refreshing breath.

It is the first-ever toothpaste which keeps all your dental problems away, thereby providing you strong teeth. Its superior formulation that has been scientifically validated has made Dabur Red Toothpaste the prefered oral care brand for millions of Indians.

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Dabur Babool Toothpaste is a natural toothpaste helps prevent swelling and bleeding of gums, keeping your gums healthy and teeth strong. The astringent and anti-bacterial properties of Meswak help reduce tooth decay, fight plaque and prevent gum diseases.

Miswak Herb is a rare, potent, priceless, wonder herb that delivers incredible Oral Care benefits. Vicco cares for your mouth — effective, active, totally natural.

Vicco cleans your teeth, refreshes your breath, and stimulates your gums. Every tube of Vicco contains 20 pure herbal extracts, long established by Ayurvedic herbal tradition to be good for teeth, mouth and gums.Apply to 2 Walk Colgate Jobs in Mumbai on, India's No.1 Job Portal.

Explore Walk Colgate job openings in Mumbai Now! Colgate and HUL have lost market share over the last couple of years as Patanjali reshaped demand with its cheaper Ayurvedic products and nationalist rhetoric. Patanjali’s range of fast moving.

Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd. Its brands include Protex, Sanex, Softsoap, Hill's, and GARD. The company was founded in and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Colgate: Launched in India in , Colgate which is owned by Colgate-Palmolive.

It is the dominant toothpaste manufacturer in the country, offering a range of hygiene products and toothpastes that include Colgate Dental Cream, Colgate Total, and Colgate Herbal.

Discover the Colgate Oral Care Center. The Oral Care Center provides information on dental health, oral health products, oral health guides, and much more. India. Ireland. Italy - Italia. Latvia - Latvija. Lietuva. Malaysia (English) México.

Netherlands - Nederland. Nicaragua. Norway - Norge. Mumbai: Colgate-Palmolive, the company behind the eponymous toothpaste, said innovation in India to compete within ayurvedic segment has helped launch similar brands in global markets too.

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