Compare contrast judaism christianity essay

In addition, a man is given the right to beat his disobedient wife until she obeys Sura 4: According the Quran, "Men are in charge of women, because Allah has made some of them to excel others Here are six translations of Sura 4:

Compare contrast judaism christianity essay

There are many similarities and differences between Judaism and Christianity. Some of these are their religious beliefs, Jesus, heaven and hell, original sin, the trinity.

This therefore leads the two religions to follow different paths of worship even if they worship the same god.

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Christianity was founded from Judaism. The first people to convert to Christianity were Jews so Christianity was seen as a branch of Judaism.

The converts, who were encouraged by the Apostle Paul, eventually acknowledged that their faith was distinct from Judaism. Althoughthe two religions share some of the same beliefs, there are vital differences between the two.

Judaism is called the religion of the Jews and was the first faith to believe in one God. Christianity then followed that belief.

Both religions are based on monotheism that there is only one God. Judaism's view on Jesus is that he was just a human, a great storyteller and a prophet. He was not the Son of God. Judaism's view is that the Christian view of the trinity is a weakening of God'spower. God can not be made up of three parts, even is those three parts are mysteriously united.

One point isfor sure that no born Jewish person can believe that Jesus was the literal Son of God. Christians also believe that Jesus died on the cross to repent the sin's of man. On the other hand, Judaism believes that Jesus did not die to repent man's sins.

Compare contrast judaism christianity essay

Sins are not repented by Jesus's death, but by just seeking forgiveness. The Christians think that no person is correct in saying that Jesus is not God's but do not go to extraordinarily extreme lengths to prove them wrong or persecute them, but they also believe that every one is entitled to their own opinion.

Judaism does not accept the thought of original sin, the idea that people are bad from birth and cannot remove sin by themselves.


An act of grace provided by the sacrificial death of Jesus as resentment for all of humanity's sins. For Christians, there are no other forms of salvation other than through Jesus.

The Jewish view is that humans are not born naturally good or naturally bad.Compare and Contrast Judaism and Christianity.

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Introduction. Both Christianity and Judaism are religions that have some relationship between them as . in Anatolia Artuqid dynasty Saltuqid dynasty in Azerbaijan Ahmadili dynasty Ildenizid dynasty in Egypt Tulunid dynasty Ikhshidid dynasty in Fars Salghurid dynasty.

B Compare and Contrast essay: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism Introduction of Religions Christianity most widely distributed of the world religions, having substantial representation in all the populated continents of the globe.

Compare and Contrast Judaism with Christianity - Essay

Compare and Contrast Judaism, Christianity and Islam Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the three major religions in the world. Together, the three groups account for almost four billion followers. One of the most common questions we receive at is: "Why don't Jews believe in Jesus?" Let's understand why – not to disparage other religions, but rather to clarify the Jewish position.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec The Middle East is a significant historical region where it served as the birthplace for many cultures and religions such as Christianity and Islam.

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