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E v ramasamy essay help

He claimed that the marriage principle, briefly, involves the enslavement of a woman by her husband and nothing else.

This enslavement is concealed under the cover of marriage rites to deceive the women concerned by giving the wedding the false name of a divine function.

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Those who believe in the divine dispensation, according to Periyar, do not have the knowledge to ask themselves why marriages conducted according to religious rites and the approval of God end in this fashion. As long as these restrictions are imposed on women, we can be sure that women have to be subservient to men and depend on men for help.

If women have to live on terms of equality with men, they must have the liberty, like men, to have the kind of education they like and also to do unhampered, any work suitable to their knowledge, ability and taste. They are, "Sanskrit terms" and treat woman as a thing.

He advocated the substitution of the word for marriage taken from the Tirukkual "Valkai thunai" or "life partner". Periyar stated that in our country, and particularly in Hindu society, a marriage is a function causing a lot of difficulties and waste to all people concerned.

But those who conduct the marriage function and those who are getting married do not appear to notice the attendant difficulties because they think that social life necessitates wasteful expense and many difficulties and therefore they must necessarily face those inconveniences and hardships.

Whatever may be the amount of money spent on the wedding and however pompous each of the items may be, the mirth and jollity associated with these are over in two or three days.

Such a procedure would be highly beneficial to her. Periyar thought that the Aryan wedding methods were barbarous because of the Aryan religion and art: Vedas, Sastras, Puranas, and Epics belong to the barbaric age. He further stated that is the reason why their wedding methods involve the parents giving the girl, prostituting the girl children and some stranger carrying the girl away by force or stealth.

Because a man is also married before he has understood the nature of life, its problems and its pleasures, he is satisfied with the slavish nature of the wife and the sexual pleasure she gives. If he finds any incompatibility, he adapts himself to his partner and the circumstances and puts up with his lot.

Gandharva marriages, claims Periyar, will suit only those who have no ideals in life. Such a wedding gives primacy to sexual union along and it is doubtful if it indicates an agreement between the couple for good life.

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Sexual compatibility alone does not ensure happy married life; the couple should be able to live together cheerfully. Suitability for life or living together can be determined only if the man and woman get used to the company of each other, and are satisfied with each other.

Only then, they can enter into an agreement to live together. If there is no compatibility between the partners in other respects, such marriages end only in the enslavement of women.

The lies of such women resemble the lives of bullocks which are tied to a cart, beaten up and made to labor endlessly until they die. Some may have the courage to conduct it during the time which almanacs indicate as the time of the planet Rahu and that, particularly in the evening.

Some others may have just enough daring to avoid the Brahmin priest and his mother tongue - the Sanskrit language. Still, the self-respect weddings conducted during the past thirty years have some basic limits.

Brahmins and their mantras should be utterly avoided; meaningless rituals, piling mud pots, one on another, having the traditional lamp during day time, ritual smoke - all these should be avoided. Rationalism does not approve of these.Periyar E.

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Generally there should be no room for grievance or complaint from anybody. Everyone .

e v ramasamy essay help

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