Earth quake in pakistan

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Earth quake in pakistan

What if I could precisely line up photos taken in with my own and combine the two together? Now comes the fun part.

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Where was the exact spot the photographer stood? How high off the ground was the camera? Where was the sun in the sky? Everything needs to be precise when layering two photos on top of each other. My original idea was to tear away a piece of the modern photo to expose the photo, but after playing around a bit, everything seemed more interesting when the two were softly blended together.

I found that many of the original photos I planned to use were in fact unusable because the photographer was situated in a place where a building stands today. Others Earth quake in pakistan have trees blocking the view.

The Photos Here the first part of a two-part series of photos: SF The Painted Ladies have escaped fire raging down the street. Mothers rest on the low wall in Alamo Square while their children play on the grass.

SF Happy tourists pass by the Fairmont Hotel, which still stands, but is destroyed inside from the fires. SF Passing cable cars offer a view of the destruction of California Street.

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Marys Cathedral has escaped destruction. SF A woman opens the door to her Mercedes on Sacramento Street while horses killed by falling rubble lie in the street. SF Men pose in a tent city to house displaced residents while an armored car turns left.

Ferry Building repairs have begun. SF Shoppers cross Drumm St on Market St while men busily work at the monumental task of rebuilding a destroyed city.

SF Some business people and a young kid face the camera while fire consumes a building on the corner of Franklin St and Hayes St.

The Hibernia Bank building is burned out, but still standing strong. The Mint has done a remarkable job surviving the quake.

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SF Residents take to the grass at Lafayette Park to get a view of the massive fires engulfing the city while a Muni bus stops below. SF Two girls stand before the partially destroyed Sharon Building in Golden Gate Park while students work on their art projects inside. SF Shocked residents walk by parked cars on California St amidst the devastation.Overview of Earth's axis shifts since The earth's axis underwent a significant shift in Dec ; It was the shifting of the Earth's axis which caused the Indonesian Tsunami which .

In April a magnitude quake centred in southeast Iran, close to the border with Baluchistan, killed 41 people and affected more than 12, on the Pakistan side of the border.

Earth quake in pakistan

This body of work represents the bringing together of the wisdom of the ancient astrologers and the accuracy of today's astronomer to demonstrate that all of the universe's physical and biological paths are inextricably linked to the planets. According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) the earthquake’s epicenter was the Hindu Kush region, measuring on the .

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Apr 11,  · Pakistan is considered an area of high seismic activity, and quakes have shaken the country regularly in recent years. In October, a magnitude earthquake shook Pakistan and Afghanistan and.

Peshawar - Yesterday at near time to Asar Nimaz I was felt that the earth is shaking but as I saw to the widows and fans on walls and up in the floor I understand that its earth quake to the Date: January 01/ Time not remember.

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