Evidence and arguments in favor of reliability of the old testament

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Evidence and arguments in favor of reliability of the old testament

These scriptural assertions can be used to form syllogistic arguments which result in the conclusion that Jesus is God. Yahweh is the only Savior of mankind. Jesus is the Savior of humankind 3: Therefore, either The Bible contradicts itself or Jesus is God.

The Bible cannot contradict itself. Therefore, Jesus is God.

This is a logically valid syllogism. This means that if the premises are true, then the conclusions follow. So, are the premises true or are they false? This premise is backed up by Isaiah No one can save us but God. What about the second premise? Even the cultists will admit that Titus 2: Even a casual reading of The New Testament will show even the lousiest exegete that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead, and this act atoned for our sins.

This is what Jesus did to save us.

Evidence and arguments in favor of reliability of the old testament

This brings us to premise 3: If only God is the Savior if there is no savior besides God, and yet Jesus is our Savior, then what are our options? In other words, maybe The Bible is just plain wrong. Perhaps Jesus is God. Defense of Premise 4: It is the word of God 2 Timothy 3: The Holy Spirit cannot inspire false teachings.

Only God created the universe.

Evidence and arguments in favor of reliability of the old testament

Jesus created the universe. Therefore, either The Bible contradicts itself, or Jesus is God. Rather, we need to ask whether or not the premises are true.There are many other lines of evidence that weigh in favor of the reliability of the New Testament, such as fulfilled prophecy and the testimony of secular sources.

But even the minimal evidence presented in this article is sufficient to demonstrate that the Bible can be trusted. I appreciate that Hoffmeier wrote this text, it is a valid piece of scholarly work that one can surely tell time has been given to.

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It surveys nicely the various critical methods on Near East situations and the Old Testament. NOTE: Christians around the world celebrated Good Friday and Easter last week, which commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Thus we began a six-part series on these events by Dr. Peter Kreeft in which he examines each of the plausible theories attempting to explain what happened to.

Each chapter contains an onslaught of the most up-to-date details and information that helps put the Old Testament into it historical and cultural context and presents evidence upon evidence of the reliability of the Old Testament/5(56).

A Christian apologetics ministry dedicated to demonstrating the historical reliability of the Bible through archaeological and biblical research.

For more than two hundred years controversy has raged over the reliability of the Old Testament. Questions about the factuality of its colorful stories of heroes, villains, and kings, for example, have led many critics to see the entire Hebrew Bible as little more than pious fiction.

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