My dad the fisherman essay

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My dad the fisherman essay

An Aikens Weekend Date Jun. He visited Aikens this May to write a series of articles. Here is a photo essay he wrote about his weekend at Aikens Lake. Saturday Our day began with coffee delivered to our cabin at 6: About 5 minutes into fishing on Saturday morning we had a "double" - each catching a wallleye at the same time!

Caught a bunch of walleyes like this and even saw some of the walleyes hit the bait in shallow water. Later our guide took us to catch more walleyes and pike at the falls - very scenic.

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Dad loved Aikens' shorelunch stations, and we went to a different site each day for a fresh walleye lunch! Our guide prepared our fish 3 different ways - beer batter, mustard fry and Aikens cajun. After catching so many walleyes, we decided to try for lake trout for a couple hours post-lunch.

We caught a pair of inch walleyes in the process and then landed this massive laker. It was such a thrill! Other than one morning at Aikens last year, we had never before fished for lake trout.

We enjoyed fine dining and fine fishing, but not fine shuffleboard play. As if shorelunch wasn't enough, we had bacon-wrapped steak for dinner on Saturday in the dining room. After dinner, Dad and I went out fishing on our own. It was crazy how sunny and warm it was there - I'm usually a freeze baby but was comfortable in a t-shirt most of the evening.

My dad the fisherman essay

With the full moon, we could fish until almost 10pm! Sunday Here are photos from our Sunday at Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge when we went exploring - past the rapids into the Gammon River, boating over to a portage lake to see the Lost Lake outpost cabin and going back to the falls.

One of our all-time best wildlife days - watched a moose swim across the river, watched a bear for nearly 45 minutes and for a night-cap saw a moose with a day-old calf.

I noticed a dot in the distance that looked suspicious Eventually, the moose noticed us, too.No Place I’d Rather Be. Chris Macaluso - Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Entered on August 7, with my dad. We walked this beach looking for signs of life.

A graduate of LSU, Macaluso is an avid hunter and fisherman, as well as part-time sportswriter during football and . Apr 08,  · The fight seemed like an eternity on my little Zebco I felt like an experienced fisherman after making a few practice casts in the yard. However, I knew there was much more to fishing than casting a weight in to the grass.

The morning of our big fishing trip is a day I will hold in my mind for the rest of my life. Photo Essay: A Weekend at Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge By: Tony Capecchi Sharing photos from a fly-in fishing adventure with my dad at Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge over Memorial Weekend weekend.

Mar 14,  · As the years passed my dad and I got our own kayaks and began fishing from them. For my thirteenth birthday my parents got me a small 10 foot Jon boat that I took to local ponds. Now at the age of seventeen I have moved up to a 15 foot Jon boat and higher quality equipment, or tackle.

My alcoholic father Isabel Ashdown's father was an alcoholic – it killed him when he was only For our family, an alcohol-fuelled weekend might conclude with Dad taking himself off for a. Jun 18,  · my Father the fisherman For some of the new folks We all had someone to show us the way,to get hooked on the obsession we all enjoy today,maybe it was your granddad but most likely it was your dad.

Photo Essay: An Aikens Weekend