Practical steps to employee selection

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Practical steps to employee selection

Job-Related Criteria

If the numbers of persons and the difference in selection rates are so small that it is likely that the difference could have occurred by chance, the Federal agencies will not assume the existence of adverse impact, in the absence of other evidence. In this example, the difference in selection rates is too small, given the small number of black applicants, to constitute adverse impact in the absence of other information see Section 4D.

Generally, it is inappropriate to require validity evidence or to take enforcement action where the number of persons and the difference in selection rates are so small that the selection of one different person for one job would shift the result from adverse impact against one group to a situation in which that group has a higher selection rate than the other group.

Is it ever necessary to calculate the statistical significance of differences in selection rates to determine whether adverse impact exists? Where large numbers of selections are made, relatively small differences in selection rates may nevertheless constitute adverse impact if they are both statistically and practically significant.

See Section 4D and Question There usually is adverse impact, except where the number of persons selected and the difference in selection rates are very small.

See Section 4D and Questions 20 and Where the sample of persons selected is not large, even a large real difference between groups is likely not to be confirmed by a test of statistical significance at the usual.

Designing an Assessment Strategy

Many decisions in day-to-day life are made without reliance upon a test of statistical significance. Are there any circumstances in which the employer should evaluate components of a selection process, even though the overall selection process results in no adverse impact?

0 Down votes, mark as not useful. Practical Steps to Employee Selection. Uploaded by Shemekit Demelash. Complexity characterises the behaviour of a system or model whose components interact in multiple ways and follow local rules, meaning there is no reasonable higher instruction to define the various possible interactions.. The term is generally used to characterize something with many parts where those parts interact with each other in multiple ways, . Be aware of special considerations regarding sign language interpretation. Make sure managers and supervisors are aware that in some situations where a hearing-impaired employee is known to need a sign language interpreter, the agency may need to provide the interpreter for crucial events such as training, safety talks, discussions on work .

Yes, there are such circumstances: Assume, for example, an employer who traditionally hired blacks as employees for the "laborer" department in a manufacturing plant, and traditionally hired only whites as skilled craftsmen. Assume further that the employer in began to use a written examination not supported by a validity study to screen incumbent employees who sought to enter the apprenticeship program for skilled craft jobs.

The employer stopped making racial assignments in Assume further that for the last four years, there have been special recruitment efforts aimed at recent black high school graduates and that the selection process, which includes the written examination, has resulted in the selection of black applicants for apprenticeship in approximately the same rates as white applicants.

In those circumstances, if the written examination had an adverse impact, its use would tend to keep incumbent black employees in the laborer department, and deny them entry to apprenticeship programs. For that reason, the enforcement agencies would expect the user to evaluate the impact of the written examination, and to have validity evidence for the use of the written examination if it has an adverse impact.

Yet a no arrest record requirement has a nationwide adverse impact on some minority groups. Thus, an employer who refuses to hire applicants solely on the basis of an arrest record is on notice that this policy may be found to be discriminatory.

Litton Industries, F. Similarly, a minimum height requirement disproportionately disqualifies women and some national origin groups, and has been held not to be job related in a number of cases.If an employee is not working out, action must be taken promptly, however.

The longer a worker is permitted to retain a job, the greater the potential consequences associated with a discharge. Given the importance of employee selection, two chapters are dedicated to the topic.

This one describes a step-by-step sequence to selection. 8.Q. What is the relationship between Federal equal employment opportunity law, embodied in these Guidelines, and State and Local government merit system laws or regulations requiring rank ordering of candidates and selection from a limited number of the top candidates?

Step 1: Determine which selection tools to use In designing the employee selection process, the first step is determining which selection tools to use to evaluate applicant skills. Selection tools include applications, interviews, tests, reference checks, letters of recommendation and physicals.

Practical steps to employee selection

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Practical steps to employee selection

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