Raisio group and the benecol launch case study

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Raisio group and the benecol launch case study

Read the original study: Benecol foods from Hong Kong as well as from Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines were handed out to the congress delegates from the Benecol exhibition booth. We were happy to see a vast interest towards the effective dietary way to lower cholesterol.

Lukito told that in the whole study group, LDL-cholesterol was reduced on average by However, in subjects with a high baseline LDL-C level and high compliance the reduction was greater, i.

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Lukito stressed especially the importance of a regular daily use of plant stanol ester. We would like to thank everybody who stopped by the Benecol booth.

It was great to hear a lot of positive feedback from the successful cases in which healthcare professionals had advised their patients to lower their cholesterol with Benecol yoghurt drinks. We wish to see you again next year!

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Visit also by the Benecol exhibition stand and taste delicious Benecol products from different Asian countries! We are happy to announce that there will be an interesting educational symposium on "Plant stanol ester effectively lowers LDL-cholesterol as part of a habitual Asian diet" by Professor Widjaja Lukito, who has conducted a clinical study with Plant stanol ester in Indonesia.

Welcome to listen the latest news about nutrition and cardiovascular risk! At times Benecol exhibition stand was very crowded when people wanted to taste Benecol Yogurt Drinks, which were launched in Hong Kong in September, and gather more information about the cholesterol-lowering efficacy of Plant stanol ester, the active ingredient in Benecol products.

Professor Helena Gylling, an internationally acknowledged scientist, who has studied plant stanols since the 's and published over international scientific publications, gave excellent speech on The Role of Plant Stanol Ester in the Dietary Management of Dyslipidemia.

The happy winners of Benecol lottery were Dr. Hui Kam Wah, Dr.

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Hung Wai Yin and Ms. Vivian Lau, who have now received their prizes of Finnish design glass.Benemilk - the form of energy makes a difference.

In , Raisioagro renewed its Benemilk feeds that are high-quality cattle feeds based on the company's top innovation. Well-being/Health components extending the cow's productive life were added to all Benemilk products. The strategy includes a €2 million (US$ million) marketing investment in the brand during Q2 and the opening of a new entity to serve the strong Irish market, as well as the launch of product innovations, including a new cereal bar line which uses the ingredient.

“Benecol is our international star brand. If Raisio were to only receive the payments with successful market introduction (however that is measured in practice in this case), McNeil has reduced its total financial risks associated with the Benecol product line.

Plant stanol esters provide a novel approach to lowering plasma low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol by dietary means. Their development was preceded by a long period of research into the cholesterol-lowering properties of plant sterols and, recently, plant stanols.

Benecol: Raisio's Global Nutraceutical Raisio is preparing to launch a new product, Benecol, to the global market. Benecol is a nutraceutical that reduces LDL cholesterol when ingested on a daily basis.

Raisio group and the benecol launch case study

Question Read the case study, "Benecol: Raisio's Global Nutriceutical" Write a 2 to 4 page paper (double-spaced) that addresses the listed questions •Use citations and .

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