Segmentation targeting and positioning strategy of tata nano

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Segmentation targeting and positioning strategy of tata nano

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Australian fast food goliath KFC recently launched a new brand ad that included no chicken, and a duck. Plucka Duck, no less. KFC have obviously been on a journey with their strategic approach to market segmentation, targeting and brand positioning.

While this mandate from the top was perhaps great permission for KFC Marketing to take a managerial approach to segmentation, why shake things up when Australian households were spending nearly a third of their weekly household food budget on dining out and fast foods Cancer Council, p4 and the brand remained in a strong market leading position?

Reid, Because after a customer needs assessment, it was clear that KFC customers were voting with their feet. For the past five years there has been an overhaul in attitudes towards fast food, with consumers becoming savvier about food content and placing more effort into choosing healthier options IBISWorld, The family dinner table is an important customer segment.

Statistics at the time indicated that the young adult fast-food consumer segment remained strong in growth; however the same research suggested that KFC needed to reconsider how they attract new customers Smith, Further, one look at the current product menu demonstrates that the family dinner table is also a profitable customer segment for the company.

So while young adults and families continued to be viable target markets, KFCs tailored strategy to customise a range of products to meet the needs of multiple customer segments should, in principle, thrive.

But what beyond the product was left for these customers to connect to? It seems to me that KFC Management was right and the brand vision did need a shake-up. The challenge was to find a relevant brand position that would enable a creative platform to appeal these differing segments, and find a connection with new ones at the same time.

To know the future, KFC looked to the past to remember what the brand stood for in the first place Canning, Marketing Strategy of Tata Nano Introduction About the TATA MOTORS Tata Motors is India's largest automobile company, with consolidated revenues of Rs 92, crore ($20 billion) in Through subsidiaries and associate companies.

Segmentation, targeting, positioning in the Marketing strategy of Tata Motors – Tata Motors does not follow a single marketing approach or formula but it believes that all . Segmentation, Targeting, & Positioning Segmentation, Targeting, & Positioning • The marketing program of the firm depends on how the marketer identifies the potential customer, profiles them, targets them and positions his offering in the mind of the customer • These concepts are studied under STP.

Tata to launch Nano in UK - Marketing Week

In the year Tata motors re-launched Tata Nano with all new features and advertising campaigns. The re-launch focused primarily on: - Youth: Targeting the youth of the country the new Nano had fancy settings like settings and color combinations such as farm side or adventure sports.

• Tata Motors launched Tata Nano especially for the lower income group. 4.

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• Positioning • Positioning is the last stage in the Segmentation Targeting Positioning Cycle. TATA NANO & CAR INDUSTRY India is a company with majority of its population residing as low income group.

Buying a car is still a dream for many people in India.

Segmentation targeting and positioning strategy of tata nano
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