Strategic management case study outline

Programs offered under Marketing Management Department are: Master in International Relations, Diplomacy and Management Master in Public Policy and Management Graduates from The Faculty of Strategic Management are equipped with Human resource development and management skills, marketing management skills, international relations and diplomacy skills, public policy and management skills, managerial skills, creative skills and critical problem solving skills which enable them to manage successfully marketing organisations human resource management development companies and multinational organisations.

Strategic management case study outline

Team Aconcagua Introduction Strategic management case study outline travel first emerged in when Wilbur and Orville Wright sustained flight for only 12 seconds in the first ever air craft. Since then, thousands of airline companies worldwide have come and gone Folger, The airline industry is no different from any other industry in the stressors it faces with employee and customer satisfaction and retention.

However the airline industry also has some unique challenges with combinations of variable costs for fuel, maintenance of planes, and environmental issues such as security and weather. The airline companies have all faced these stressors and some have remained hardy while others have closed their doors and gone out of business.

In this case study we will look at what Southwest Airlines has done to remain resilient while facing tough stressors impacting cost and the overall employee and customer satisfaction.

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Is Southwest Airlines a hardy organization and, if so, what factors contributed to their hardiness? Their culture has bred customer satisfaction with both the internal employees and external fliers. This case study will use material from interviews, employee statements, and cultural philosophies to focus in on what Southwest Airlines has done to remain forward thinking and prepare for industry and organizational challenges, thus contributing to their overall success and continued profit.

The challenge for these organizations is to foresee and plan for as many of these challenges as possible. The airline industry has a certain level of uncertainty to plan for. Some common experiences are differences in number of passengers per day per flight.

For example as the economy improves, people fly more, and as the economy declines, people fly less but there are still people flying. This uncertainty creates stress on the logistics of offering more or less flights, and trying to optimize flight schedules.


Southwest Airlines has focused their planning on two primary areas for both industry and organizational stressors which are cost and satisfaction. Cost The airline industry faces regular challenges such as weather, fuel cost, maintenance, and labor costs.

Weather - Weather is variable and unpredictable. Extreme heat, cold, fog and snow can shut down airports and cancel flights, costing airlines money. Little can be done to control the cost for these items and several airlines have taken the approach of building increases in these areas into the ticket prices for customers.

However this has an adverse effect on customer satisfaction and retention which is another area Southwest Airlines is dedicated to constantly improving.

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Employee and Customer Satisfaction The airline industry is primarily unionized which can introduce a set of challenges all on its own. With unions, come high turnover, low employee satisfaction and the possibility of employee strikes. All of these issues can have devastating impacts on the success of an organization.

Employee and customer satisfaction is a stressor in some degree to every organization and these behaviors can destroy an organization from the inside out.

These stressors have various impacts on the organizations profits and culture. These practices have allowed them to thrive and continue to make a profit in an otherwise difficult industry. Resilience and Hardiness There are three specific attitudes Maddi and Khoshaba describe as being present in groups exhibiting resilience.

In order to be resilient, Maddi et al.

Strategic management case study outline

Performance, People and Planet. This was demonstrated when they installed e-leather seats and vertical winglets on the wings of their planes.Case study research is the most popular research method for researchers in industrial marketing.

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Strategic management case study outline

This blog post was co-written with Brad Zomick, the former Director of Content Marketing at Pipedrive, where this case study took place..

It’s tough out there for SEOs and content marketers. With the sheer amount of quality content being produced, it has become .

Outline for Strategic Management Case ( company) Order Description create plan outline, insert current mission and vision for Complete an EFE and CPM for. - What's Your QuestionTypes: Facts, Entertainment, Education, Resources. Case Studies in Business Management, Strategy Case Studies, Strategic Management Case Study. Published: Mon, 5 Dec 1. INTRODUCTION. The current paper attempts to underpin various frameworks that presented in strategy management literatures that would better improve the overall performance of the firms.