Three easy careers in drafting to write about

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Three easy careers in drafting to write about

We can see the results of people doing just that all around us.

three easy careers in drafting to write about

We need only open a magazine or a web page, admire a skyscraper or turn on the TV. Jobs using drawing focus on the spatial skills that give rise to art, building or mapping things out, as is the case when plans are laid out visually for production.

Graphic Designer Graphic designers create visual elements for online and print purposes. Their work appears in magazines, advertisements and on web pages, and included as art, layout and design, and decorative effects.

Graphic designers draw on paper or directly to a computer, using styluses and graphics software to create images and text effects.

Some earn a fine arts degree, taking coursework that provides technical know-how in graphic design. Architect Architects use drawing skills to design functional buildings and complexes.

In addition to drawing, architects fulfill the demands of functionality by taking structural elements -- such as capacity, ventilation and plumbing -- into account.

Then they create construction plans. A training period at an architectural firm follows, usually a three-year internship. Graduates may then sit for a licensing exam, which is required for all architects. Drafter Drafters create drawings using software -- usually computer-aided design and drafting programs called CADD software -- to translate engineering or architectural designs to technical plans.

Multimedia Artist and Animator To the purview of multimedia artists and animators belong TV, movies, video games and animation. Theirs is a dynamic field that communicates through moving images and other visual effects.

Drawing by hand or with a stylus, the multimedia artist uses computers to create programs, movies and games.The ability to persuade people can feel like a super power. In fact, it’s often portrayed that way. The coolest part about Star Wars was that Obi-Wan Kenobi could command people with The Force.

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Maybe you gave up after getting bogged down in silly plot problems? Drafting routine orders, and maintaining court schedules. This is a non-merit position with the Iowa Judicial Branch.

This is a non-merit position with the Iowa Judicial Branch. 3 days ago - save job - more.

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Mechanical drafting technicians generally work in industrial settings on a full-time basis. Some work in dedicated design studios that keep regular weekday business hours.

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